About us

It all started when my husband gave me a Kitchenaid present. I've wanted these for years (mainly because it looks nice in the kitchen), but I didn't have the baking in my fingers yet. I had to prove and will prove that I used my kitchen utensils to the full. That's how I started to delve into nice breakfasts. Breakfast is a party at our house. Pancakes, waffles, American pancakes, ricotta pancakes, etc.

On Instagram I followed all kinds of nice breakfast and baking pages. I would also like to try out the beautiful creations that passed my insta wall. That's how I got started. Make another nice birthday cake for my daughter. Bake cupcakes for the playdates. Cookies with royal icing. I tried different baking pots.

When I saw how the beautiful bakery creations could be adorned with delicious, colorful and shiny sprinkles, my new passion was born. If they make me and my daughter happy, I like to share this joy and joy with everyone!

Sprinklelyfique was born. The name "sprinkle" refers to the many colorful, magical sprinkles that you can endlessly use for that extra sprinkle happiness, "Ely" because my two beautiful princesses, the Ely girls are my muse and the "fique" because life is just magnificent.

Bake, sprinkle, eat, enjoy and create beautiful memories. Finish it off with sprinkles!